The roots of our company can be traced to two separate business concerns: PT. Pan Brothers Tbk. & Group, and PT. Hollit International. Both these companies have been recognized in their own right as established producers of casual wear, sportswear, and active wear for men, women and kids. By coming together to form PT. Eco Laundry Hijau Indonesia, the combined vision of these two companies is now focused on building a comprehensive new future together, through vertical and value integrated processes.


To be the market leader, highly specialized in garment dyeing, reaching European standards in quality, consistency and product innovation by using the best practices in the garment industry and harnessing skilled human resources and technological advancements to our advantage, all the while affirming our commitment to eco-sustainability. 


To provide the market with a unique business facility, which will be able to meet fashion demand and enable product innovation economically and efficiently. The facility will have three-fold aims: social compliance, the application of environmentally safe business practices, and the use of technological advancements.



    eco-sustainable research ●

    savings ●

    health ●

    technology development ●

    innovation ●

    ● water

    ● waste

    ● chemicals

    ● energy

    ● emissions



PT. Eco Laundry Hijau Indonesia has been conceived of with a clear focus on meeting the highest international standards in social responsibility and environmental care. Our Goal is to direct product research towards creative and aesthetic solutions that are ever conscious of the needs of the people and their environment, and the responsible use of natural resources

We wish our laundry to be a model for business with low environmental impact, as it will be equipped for low emission of gaseous and liquid wastes, and engineered for the reduced use of chemicals, energy and water. It is our true intention to build a business which is sustainable both economically, with a well-balanced approach to all environmental concerns


PT. Eco Laundry Hijau Indonesia
Jl. Raya Solo Sragen Km 20,8
Dk. Karangwaru RT.028A/07
Desa Krikilan, Kec. Masaran
Sragen 57282
Jawa Tengah - Indonesia


In line with Pan Brothers’ and Hollit's aspiration in supplying innovative products of the best quality, we are committed to using the finest technologies in our processes from sampling to production of quantities of all sizes. The Tonello machines we use are engineered to cover all the washing, garment dyeing, and special finishing processes (e.g. durable water resistance) for different kinds of products. Our machines and Italian operation expert will help us guarantee very high standards of durability, consistency, and excellent technical execution. Click here for our presentation of Garment Dyeing Menu.


The ‘magic’ that we see in an innovatively designed fashion garment today is the product of the combination of high tech equipment and artisanal skills in today’s laundries. While the former guarantees consistent results in bulk quantities, the latter is wholly responsible for the detailed touch that only handwork can achieve: brushing, spraying, manual coating, scraping, scratching, manual repairing, hand-painting and sanding, abrasions and 3D whiskers; thereby giving each garment its unique, lived-in look and feel.





R & D is the focal point for those of us who aim for healthy competition in the global marketplace. As such, Research and Development is a strategic division in our company tasked with bringing the latest creative ideas and technology to our customers, developing many types of processes and effects, and applying them successfully to fabrics to superlative effect. We encourage our customers to pursue innovation with us and work with them to build more and finer value-added products that will suit the USP of their individual brands. We will endeavor continuously to be at the forefront in developing product innovation that will be able to translate laboratory blueprints into ever better and consistent products.


We are proud of our partnership with Tonello.


Tonello designs their machines in-house and accurately engineer them in terms of efficiency, performance, safety and sustainability to ensure lower water and energy consumption, as well as reduced emissions. This has led to them being certified as a Supplier of Sustainable Technologies by ACIMIT. Their entire production range has also been awarded the Green Label. (source:


We are currently working to be ISO 9001 certified in 2015


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1. Marketing Staff Sragen, Central Java 16 November 2015
2. Finance & Accounting Supervisor Sragen, Central Java 16 November 2015
3. Laundry Production Supervisor Sragen, Central Java 16 November 2015
4. QC Supervisor Sragen, Central Java 16 November 2015
5. Warehouse Supervisor Sragen, Central Java 16 November 2015

If you are interested to work for the company and feel that you can contribute to our sustainable growth, please double-click on the subject for more information and drop your application and CV to (Please write in the subject of the email the job that you wish to apply for).